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Summer time is everything.
Let's just say that I'm completely shocked and I can't even really develop any sort of theory on this one. I've got nothing. And I keep thinking to myself that I'm going to turn back on what I said, and not go through with it. But I'm not going to be that person anymore, the one that's controlled by self conscious fear. If I get hurt, I'll take the pain with the lesson it brings.

I won't be over eager. But I won't lose my nerve and run unless that feeling comes in my stomach. The one that tells me that this isn't right. I know that everything happens for a reason, and normally I'd be digging for the "why". The beautiful thing is that this time, I don't want to know why. And the simple fact that I physically can't over analyze this; that I'm content with just letting it happen makes me happier than anything else. =D


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